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Cabrinha Switchblade Siren 2013

Cabrinha Switchblade Siren 2013 Kite Review

Sizes: 12m  8m  10m  6m  5m
Kite Type: SLE
Best For: Wakestyle  Freeride
Brand: Cabrinha

Control Bar

Cabrinha Quicklink IDS Siren 2013

Just like the Quicklink IDS, the Quicklink IDS Siren blends lots of features into a clean design and an ergonomic structure. It uses internalized lines, swivels, and quick releases for ease of use and to optimize control. It is a highly intuitive control system.

- Intelligent Depower System
- Recoil System
- Floating Bar Ends
- Multibore Tubing
- Line Manager
- Removable Safety Pin
- Available in 55, 48 and 42 cm sizes

5m: 20.8-30+ knots

6m: 22-30 knots

8m: 16-26.1 knots

10m: 12-24 knots

12m: 10.4-18 knots

Cabrinha Switchblade Siren 2013 Rating: 2.92 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews: