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Flysurfer Viron 2013

Flysurfer Viron 2013 Kite Review

Sizes: 2.5m  4m  6m
Kite Type: Hybrid
Best For: Freeride
Brand: Flysurfer

Control Bar

Flysurfer Infinity Bar 2.0

The Infinity Bar 2.0 is designed to offer riders with precise control, superior comfort and maximum safety.

- Infinity 2.0 QR: withstands up to 400 kilograms of load and it is optimized to be resistant against snow, sand, dirt and small rocks. It has no metal parts at the end of the loop and it can be quickly reset. It weighs only 157 grams and it’s very compact.
- Chickenstick: it replaces the Chickendicks which get stiff in low temperatures. It is stiff from the start and can be attached to the harness hook quickly and easily with the help of an elastic connection.
- Endless Rotations: the QR swivels very smoothly and is not susceptible to rusting or blocking when exposed to sand, dirt, ice or salt. A Double V shaped Eyelet leads the depower lines vertically through the bar to assure comfort and easy handling. It has the option to use a “Releasable Suicide HP-Mode”.

2.5m: 40+ knots

4m: 30-40 knots

6m: 25-35 knots