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Ikon Blind 2013

Ikon Blind 2013 Kite Review

Sizes: 7m  9m  12m
Kite Type: C-kite
Best For: Freestyle  Waveriding
Brand: Ikon

Control Bar

Ikon Water Bar

The Ikon Water Bar is designed to be simple, efficient and safe. It provides you with accurate control over the kite, regardless of your skill level.

- Cousin 16550 High quality pre-stretched flying lines
- Molded chicken loop with easy top swivel, Centre safety line, Pivotal locking tube
- Ergonomic high density grip with finger lumps
- Backline adjustment under high density EVA floats
- High quality aluminum bar with moulded centre rivet
- Molded centre bar
- Clamcleat trim above the bar
- Multi features front line safety : Safety line on 2 front lines, safety line on 1 front line or possibility to install 5th line safety (all included)

7m: 18-35 knots

9m: 16-33 knots

12m: 12-28 knots

Ikon Blind 2013 Rating: 3.25 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews: