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Liquid Force Envy 2013

Liquid Force Envy 2013 Kite Review

Sizes: 15m  12m  8m  10.5m  9m  7m  6m  5m  4m
Kite Type: Hybrid
Best For: Waveriding  Wakestyle  Freeride
Brand: Liquid Force

Control Bar

The LF kites use the CPR bar . The name is short for Centerline Push Release. Why did Liquid Force select this name? Why because the control bar is designed around a breakthrough Center Line Push Release safety system

CPR features:

•    Depower options: 100% depower flag line leash attachment option and 90% depower leash attachment setting. The 100% depower flag line leash attachment option will completely depower the kite while the rider is hooked and the bar is released. The 90% depower leash attachment setting, which can be used by attaching the leash to the end of the mainline, allows the rider to repeatedly depower the kite in a safe manner.
•    Below the bar depower cleat – a 3D cleat is molded into the CPR chicken loop and the power adjustment mainline runs through the aforementioned 3D molded cleat.
•    Center Line Push Release – the rider can easily and safely release the kite with just one hand, it doesn’t matter which.
•    No mechanical or metal parts – all the parts are molded plastic, meaning they are impervious to rust, corrosion sand, salt, heat, and other factors that may cause harm to the bar.

4m: 40+ knots

5m: 30+ knots

6m: 25+ knots

7m: 21-38 knots

8m: 18-35 knots

9m: 16-33 knots

10.5m: 13-27 knots

12m: 9-25 knots

15m: 7-20 knots

Liquid Force Envy 2013 Rating: 3.55 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews: