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Zeeko Notus 2014

Zeeko Notus 2014 Kite Review

Sizes: 5.5m  7m  9m  10m  12m
Kite Type: SLE
Best For: Freeride  Freestyle
Brand: Zeeko

Control Bar

Zeeko Freestyle Bar

The Freestyle Bar is designed to work with al Zeeko kites and provides you with maximum safety and complete control over the kite out on the water.

- Quick Adjuster: it allows you trim the bar length without any disconnection (switch from 46cm to 54cm bar length quick and safe)
- Reduced weight
- EVA covered bar ends
- New Fusion lines by Cousin-Trestec
- Rigid, rotative chicken loop with suicide leash option
- Clamcleat depower system
- Adjustable stopper ball
- Integrated elastics lines holder

Zeeko Notus 2014 Rating: 3.42 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews: