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Latest Kite Reviews

Airush Lithium 2010
  The bad parts  by: Daniel CG
Instead of telling you what I like about this kite, I will tell you what I don’t like. Here goes: I don’t like that the larger sizes can back stall and that the long bridles can lead to wrap-up...
Airush Lithium LW 2010
  I wrote a poem  by: Daniel CG
When the wind isn’t blowing as fast as you may like Get the Airush Lithium, a user friendly and fun light wind kite With its solid feel, smooth power delivery and great stability You will feel...
Airush Varial 2010
  Obedient  by: Daniel CG
This kite is obedient, predictable and easy to use. It goes hast, has plenty of boost, and lots of hangtime. The only thing you may not like about this one is that it is not an unhooked machine....
Airush Generator 2010
  Great for the pro  by: Daniel CG
Get this kite only if you are a very experienced or a pro rider. In the hands of a pro, this kite is awesome. Do not get it if you are a beginner or a novice. You will find it hard to live up to...
Airush Vapor X 2010
  Versatile  by: Daniel CG
The 2010 Vapor X is as versatile as they come. It has an incredible wind range. On top of that it is a top performance kite that has everything a freerider will ever want. And on top of that it is...
Caution Zombie 2010
  Pulls like a truck  by: Daniel CG
Tested the 12m one in onshore winds, about 20mph winds, a bit gusty. The water was a bit rough. Now what I found out was that this kite pulls like a truck. Starts planning right away, no problems....
Caution Mayhem X 2010
  Speedy and maneuverable  by: Daniel CG
I got the 9m one and I have to say it is quite fast and very responsive. Very pleased with it. It has a direct and responsive feel and it’s all thanks to the bridles. The bar pressure is excellent...