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Latest Kite Reviews

Cabrinha Switchblade 2015
  back to allround  by: ian
Yep, it seems that Cabrinha has returned to all round performance with the new Switchy. That's a good thing for most riders. Now you can use it for perfect new school maneuvers, but also to ride...
Liquid Force Solo 2015
  single strut solo  by: van goorwert
I'm glad that they decided to go with one strut and not with strutless design. It makes the kite light and maneuverable and also gives it more stability in high winds. Control is clean and easy...
Cabrinha Drifter 2013
  Awesome kite  by: Andy
Awesome kite - amazing depower and slack line drift, my new favourite kite !!
Cabrinha Drifter 2015
  2015 Drifter  by: joe bartelli
It feels like the 2014 model in the air. Perhaps it has a bit more grunt. I guess there's no need to change something that works. Same perfect turning speed and depower and good slack line...
Best TS 2015
  so much potential  by: clanky
I got my hands on the TS this weekend. It rocks. It has incredible power, solid, direct control and works perfectly when unhooked. Pro performance indeed. It flies fast and turns fast. And bar...
Best GP 2015
  new school super charged  by: michael wamp
Come to papa baby !!!! I bet it has raw power!
Liquid Force Envy 2015
  envy 12m  by: orlando
You got to love the new envy. It's smooth in the air and very predictable, but still great to unhook. It flies less to the margin of the window and stays well centered in the power zone. It also...
Airush Vantage 2015
  boosts high, great hangtime  by: rex
It builds power quickly in 12-15 knots and it's lively. It's not the fastest race kite, but the boosts are awesome. Hangtime is great too. It's very maneuverable for its size too....
Liquid Force HiFi X 2015
  tricky to handle, but great unhooked  by: marcel
It's a very good kite for unhooked freestyle tricks. It has some nice power and loops very predictable. It's very reactive and steering can be a bit tricky when the kite is fully powered....
Cabrinha Chaos 2015
  Se puede mejorar  by: RedKiter
He probado estas cometas en las tres medidas más grandes con vientos que oscilan entre 12 a 24 nudos. La cometa tiene una calidad de acabados supremos, la barra 2015 es con diferencia la mejor del...