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Latest Kite Reviews

Epic Surf 2014
  very pivotal turn  by: hasa rez
It turns quick and very pivotal around the center axis. This makes it perfect for hard wave riding. The power delivery is smooth, but there's not much hangtime when you jump. It drifts very...
Airush VXR 2013
  Great for light air  by: PeteD
Cracking light air kite. Will get you out, planing and jumping in winds that'll keep everyone else at home. Recommend +++
Cabrinha Omega HD 2007
  use it 1:1  by: munich
1:1 bar easy to handle and powerfull!
RRD Emotion MKI 2014
  go strutless!!!  by: empi
Anyone? How's the kite? It looks pretty nice and easy to fly. I'm curious about depower, relaunch and stability. And the price. It is cheaper that strut kites? I never used a strutless...
Best TS Lightwind 2014
  best ts lightwind  by: romeo
A pretty dynamic and fast turning kite, considering it is a LW model. It also has good boosting power and a decent upwind performance. It feels direct and control is precise. The TS has a light bar...
Core Riot XR3 2014
  very good for freeride  by: pako
power delivery is smooth and the kite boosts high and has good hangtime. control is direct. very good depower and relaunch too. and it's very stable.
Cabrinha Drifter 2014
  perfect surf kite  by: john
It's perfect for kite surfing. Excellent control and power delivery + quick relaunch and depower. Could use a better low end, but in good winds it rocks!
Cabrinha Drifter 2014
  Drifter  by: halo
The Drifter 7m rides well in gusts and high winds. It drifts extremely well and it's easy to control. There's no flutter or stall. It turns fast around the tips and stays well put when...
Blade Prime 2012
  direct and strong  by: kody
very direct and sharp. it rocks when unhooked. when powered it blasts, it loops and turns fast and precise. it's also a bit more forgiving than other C-kites, easier to handle. the pull-pull...
Cabrinha Switchblade 2014
  awesome kite  by: marauder
The kite is everything I expected. It's easy to ride and has excellent performance. It boots really high and it offers huge hangtime. It accelerates fast, it delivers solid power, it turns...