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Latest Kite Reviews

Starkites SBow 2010
  starkite sbow 2010  by: marcel laflamme
Learn on this kite and still own it.I love that kite but would prefer better bar for tricks.
Best TS Lightwind 2014
  TS LW 17  by: Mardinho
Quick demo with the Best TS Lightwind over the last weekend. It's definitely a solid lightwind kite. It has 5 struts and a rather high AR. It is a kite that delivers good power, but low end is...
Slingshot Rally 2014
  Rally 14m²  by: Denny
Tested a brand new 14m² Rally today in about 13 knots on flat water. I'm a hefty 205lb and stayed upwind easily on a 140cm board. It has loads of low end grunt that comes on progressively....
ASV Performance XR 2014
  ASV XR Kite  by: roberto hawng
Quick ride in 22-25 knots with the XR Kite. It's fast and accelerates aggressively when pushed. It's not the fastest turning race kite I've used, but it holds a more than fair amount...
Cabrinha Vector 2014
  easy to ride  by: parker
The Vector is easy to fly and forgiving. It's a perfect all-round freeride kite. It has a good low end, it's stable and can boost big time. It also turns fast and easy and has a direct...
Hell Skull 2014
  fresh brand  by: matty
fresh brand on the market. and it's Australian! Can't wait to try it!
Epic Renegade 3G II 2013
  Good brand  by: excess
It's the first Epic kite I own. I must say that built quality is excellent. It's robust and material quality is very good. It's a forgiving kite and I think it works for all riders,...
Caution Spitfire 2014
  Spitfire  by: carl
I have the 2013 Spitfire, and from what I see, it's pretty much the same as the newer model. It's a kite that works very well in consistent winds. It has a smooth power delivery and it is...
Liquid Force Envy 2014
  2014 Envy  by: scot
I bought an envy 9m to use as a teaching kite. Kites I have had in the past come from Ozone, Best, Naish, Switch. The kite is really well made, I would put it at the top of all the kites I have...
Epic Surf 2014
  Surf  by: junkie
It sits way deeper in the window, that is why it doesn't quite blast upwind. Nor does it have massive jumping power. But the power delivery is smooth and it drifts really well. It turns quick...