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Latest Kiteboards Reviews

Jimmy Lewis Myth Custom 2011
  Nice Custom  by: dancabrinha
JL will actually make a board according to your instructions. You can choose any size you want. The sape and design remains the same, but it is great to have a board which...
Jimmy Lewis KWAD KT 2011
  Stiff and reliable  by: Davy Binois
The KWAD impressed me with the extra stability and grip it offers. The quad fin setup is great. It is perfect for kitesurfing in various conditions. It proves fast and snappy in...
Airush Switch 2011
  Solid and fast  by: flyplaces
The Switch is a good board for anyone who wants to experience speed, jumping and lifting. It is perfect for freeride in any conditions. It has an increased responsiveness,...
Airush Quad 2011
  Surf Style  by: windrider11
Airush Quad blasts through the waves like a rocket. It is fast and has quite a boost. The quad fin setup keeps it steady and allows you to control it with little effort. I could...
Airush Choptop LW 2010
  Just for LW  by:
This is the board which will make your day when there is no wind. It is wide, which is good, because it is easier to power up and more stable. It is quite snappy and you can...
Airush Protoy 2010
  Comfortable board  by: owystyle
Protoy is a good all round board. It has extra pop, and it is easy to use by anyone. I like that it feels very steady and solid under your feet. At the same time it is very...
Best Spark 2010
  Very user friendly  by: dancabrinha
Best Spark is great for anyone. If you need a forgiving board, this is it. It runs smooth and it feels very comfortable. It has an amazing control and stays steady in most wind...
Best Armada 2010
  Good freeride and freestyle board  by: Mochilero
The first thing I noticed after a session with the Armada is the solid and all round performance it offers. It is great in a wide wind range and blends nicely power and usage....
Flexifoil Anarchist 2010
  A great freeride board  by: Jose Young
As a novice rider I started out with the Proton kite because it is very beginner friendly and because it is incredibly durable. It can take a beating, and god knows i gave it...
Liquid Force Aura 2010
  We have the boys beat  by: pinkdarling
I don’t mean to turn this into a war of the genders, but I think that with the Aura we have the boys beat. They’re always bragging about how good their boards are,...