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Jimmy Lewis Model 3

Jimmy Lewis Model 3 2010

Kiteboard Model: Model
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
Best For
Board sizes

Length, width, color
125 x 38 – black
133 x 39 – yellow
139 x 40 – blue
145 x 43 – red

  • Hand shaped rails
  • Deep concave
  • Foam core
  • Air-Force Pads
  • G10 fins
  • Straps
  • Handle
  • Available in 4 different colors

If you are already familiar with the Jimmy Lewis Super Model board, then surely you know it is a top performance board designed for landing aggressive maneuvers. So if you are already familiar with the Lewis Super Model, perhaps you would appreciate to know how it and the Model 3 compare. The Model 3 has less volume, a narrower tail, and it is not as loose as the Super Model. The Super Model has a more powerful tailblock and a bit more pop than the Model 3.

If you are not familiar with the Super Model nor are you familiar with the Model 3, here is what you need to know about the later. The Model 3 is “the greatest board of all time” – that’s what Jimmy Lewis says. And here is what the marketers say: the Model 3 is the best selling twin-tip board in the history of the sport. There is only one reason why Jimmy Lewis touts this as the best board ever and why the marketers tout its success – the Model 3 is the ultimate performance board. It is the definition of all-round freeride performance. With its optimum blend of smooth riding with the right amount of grip, pop and easy turning, this board sets the standard for all the other boards out there.

Thanks to its hand shaped rails and deep concave, the Model 3 offers great pop, deep carve and a smooth but speedy ride. Thanks to its foam core, the Model 3 wraps and releases water, it does not deflect and block water like some sharp edged wooden boards do.

For years the Model 3 has remained practically unchanged. This is because the board is perfect as it is and there is no way to make it better. Okay, so Jimmy Lewis has found ways to reduce its weight and improve the flex, but overall the board has remained unchanged.