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Liquid Force Influence Grind 2010

Liquid Force Influence Grind 2010

Kiteboard Model: Influence
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Wakestyle  Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

Length and width
134 x 41cm
138 x 42cm
142 x 43cm

  • Single to Double Concave Bottom – the center of the board features a single concave bottom contour, giving the board better edge hold and better upwind ability. The tail of the board features a double concave bottom contour that breaks the water and makes for software landings. The double concave in the tail translates into increased drive when carving turns or riding finless.
  • Liquid Rails Sidewalls – instead of ABS rails, this board has Liquid Rails, which are incredibly strong and durable. The board will be able to withstand the roughest of impacts.
  • CNC Wood and PVC Foam Combination Core – this board’s core is made from CNC-shaped wood and PVC foam. Wood is a durable material that has plenty of flex to offer, while PVC foam keeps things lightweight. So basically you have a lightweight board with lively flex.
  • Medium Flex Profile – the medium flex means the board is suited to be used by a wide range of riders in a wide range of condition. The board has plenty of flex to handle landings and the chop, but not too much flex to loose its pop and energy (energy is important especially in light wind conditions).
  • Integrated “Thumb Rail” Deck Contours- besides being a handy way to carry the board around, Liquid Force’s thumb rails provide increased strength and durability. Consequently the board’s core can be incredibly thin without losing any of its strength.
  • Top and Bottom Graphics – the top as well as the bottom of the board is covered in a matte PBT sheet with gloss screen printed accents provide. The sheet offers less friction and a superior bond to both core and rail materials. A lightweight and durable finish is achieved by using matte PBT sheets.


If you are familiar with the Influence board, then you know it has made a name for itself by offering excellent performance for dedicated “park the kite” freestyle and wakestyle kiteboarding. You surely also know this board can help the rider increase his skills whether he wants to ride on flat water, hit kickers, slide rails, or slash turns in the surf.

The 2010 Influence Grind model’s core is made from wood and PVC foam. By using wood and PVC Liquid Force created a board that is lightweight (thanks to the PVC foam) yet durable and with plenty of flex (thanks to the wood). Since the flex topic came up, this board features a medium flex pattern. There is enough flex to make for a smooth ride in the chop or to make for a smooth landing; but not too much flex so that the board looses energy and looses its pop. Loosing energy is definitely a bad thing, especially in light wind conditions.

Boards developed by other manufacturers feature ABS rails – not the 2010 Influence Grind. This board features Liquid Rails instead of ABS rails. Liquid Rails provide a superior bond to the top and bottom sheet virtually eliminating delams. This means you can take the board and give it a beating on rocks, rails, or anything else you can think of, and it will take the punishment like it’s no thing.

The center section of the Influence Grind board features a single concave bottom that offers better water flow and edge hold. The tail section of the Influence Grind board features a double concave bottom that offers increased drive whether carving turns or riding finless; it also breaks the water for softer landings. The center, tail, and every part of the board is covered in a matte PBT sheet. PBT is a good choice because it offers less friction and holds up better than other materials.