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Litewave Spirit 2010

Litewave Spirit 2010

Kiteboard Model: Spirit
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Litewave
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
132 x 41cm
137 x 44cm
144 x 47cm

  • High performance freestyle board
  • Wood core – wood is a durable yet lightweight material that has plenty of pop
  • Lightweight construction
  • The larger sizes can be used as light wind boards
  • Selective flex – makes for a smooth ride and an easy to turn board
  • Tons of pop
  • Thin profile and thin rails – makes for a very fast board
  • Comes complete with fins, grab handle, pads & straps.

When Litewave Dave and Tarifa board guru Tad Ciastula set out to create the perfect freestyle board, they had a few clear goals in mind. The two wanted a top performance board that is durable yet lightweight, has a wood core, has good looking graphics that put the emphasis on the wood core, has plenty of pop, goes like stink and offers a really smooth ride. What the two came up with, after testing dozens of boards, is the 2010 Litewave Spirit.

The 2010 Spirit is a good value board that has all the aforementioned features to offer. It looks absolutely amazing and performs just as good as it looks. The 132 x 41 model will appeal to pro riders who wants to squeeze every drop of performance out of a board. The 144 x 47 will appeal to larger riders who want to have a fun freestyle session, or smaller riders who go out on the water in light wind conditions.

The bottom line is that whatever size you choose, you will be impressed by this board’s massive pop, excellent upwind ability and smooth ride.