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Core Online Magazine

Core Online Magazine

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Core is an online magazine dedicated to presenting the world of kiteboarding. The aim of the magazine is as they say to “set the benchmark for news, content and images within the kiteboard magazine industry”. The people at Core are determined to bring you only the best quality exclusive images and content. The magazine incorporates features such as:

  • Animated sequences
  • Pop up windows
  • Pop up videos
  • Links on the advertisements to take you directly to the site of an advertiser
  • To accommodate viewers with slower connection speeds there are two viewing options.
  • Version 1 loads the entire magazine
  • Version 2 loads page by page
  • Worldly acclaimed photographer Toby Bromwich and Australian Icon Julian Kidd are heading up the team.

Core magazine comes out 4 times per year and is free to view on the Core website.