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The Kiteboarder

The Kiteboarder

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The Kiteboarder was founded by kiteboarders in 1994 with an extreme passion for the sport. From the beginning, the magazine focused on the people, places, culture, and lifestyle that make kiters so stoked about kiteboarding. Now that the sport has matured,

The Kiteboarder felt the time was right for a pure lifestyle magazine with long-form feature stories consisting of thoughtful in-depth editorial and imagery that set them apart from other magazines in the kiteboarding industry.

The all-new The Kiteboarder was launched in the fall of 2011 and targets intelligent kiteboarders who want a publication that encapsulates the spirit and lifestyle of kiteboarding presented in clean, elegant, and readable 
layouts rather than a cluttered magazine full of ads and trendy design elements.
All instructional and gear previews/reviews are now online only in the form of digital magazines and can be purchased at itunes or the TKB 
All print and e-mags are offered for free online approx 3-5 months after they break. For daily news, videos, wallpapers, back issues and more,