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2011 Orange Speed Crossing: Kiteboarders and Windsurfers Battle It Out

Leucate in the south of France is one of the best kiteboarding and windsurfing spots in the world. It was the setting for an epic battle between kiteboarders and windsurfers during the 2011 Orange Speed Crossing.

Last year the windsurfers, lead by multiple World Champion Antoine Albeau, won the Orange Speed Crossing. As you can imagine, the kiteboarders were looking to get their revenge. And they got it. For 2011, the kiteboarders, led by Alex Caizergues, one of the speediest riders out there, won the Orange Speed Crossing.

It was an intense battle and the kiteboarders came on top. Here’s the complete final results list:
1. Alex Caizergues
2. Rob Douglas
3. Geoffrey Mascarel
4. Antoine Albeau
5. Sébastien Cattelan
6. Sylvain Hoceini
7. Anders Bringdal
8. Christophe Prin Guenoni
9. Jamie Douglas
10. Cyril Moussilmani

As you can see from the list above, Rob Douglas, the fastest kiteboarder in the World, came in second in the 2011 Orange Speed Crossing. Alex Caizergues took the first position, but only by a small margin; Alex won by just six hundredths of a second. Must be mentioned here that Robert Douglas set the best speed record of the 2011 Orange Speed Crossing; he reached 42.15 knots.

The 2011 Orange Speed Crossing was the third edition of this kiteboarders vs windsurfers competition. Six races in various wind conditions were held as part of the Orange Speed Crossing.