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Airton Performs the First Unhooked and Strapless 360 Aerial

Airton Cozzolino is one hell of a wave rider. The Italian rider is not only talented and skilled but also a daring athlete. And his latest achievement was to perform flawlessly the first ever unhooked and unstrapped backside air reverse.
It happened during the Merimbula Classic, at the Kiteboarding Australia National Wave Riding Championships.

Airton was not competing for the title, as he was just a guest, but he decided to impress the audience with his trick. He hit a small wave ramp, launched into the sky and performed the trick, mixing traditional surfing style with the kiteboarding beauty. The special 360 rotation is not an easy trick to pull for anyone, in fact it is very difficult, but it seems that Airton is always in the mood to try something new.

After pulling this impressive trick, he stated: “Oh my god! I can't believe I landed it! I feel super happy right now. Next level.” We are waiting forward for his next impossible trick.

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