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Airush Lithium 2013 – Choose Your Element

Airush is ready to revolutionize the world of kiteboarding with the new 2013 Lithium Kite. The Lithium has always been a versatile machine, so improving it for 2013 was quite a challenge for the Airush crew, but they have done it.

The new Lithium is built using a Hardcore construction which assures exceptional structural integrity. It features the same V3 Bridle System which assures safety and contributes significantly to the feeling and performance of the kite. Combined with the Delta Hybrid design, this system provides improved performance and feeling.

Key features of the Lithium are relaunch, depower, low end power, stability and speed. This is a plug and play kite for all uses, all riders and all conditions. Check it out in the cool promo clip the Airush team has put together for you. It stars Dutch champ Bas Koole and 16 year old South African Champion, Oswald Smith. They test the Lithium and have fun in Langebaan, SA.