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Airush Welcomes Victor Hays to the Team

The guys at Airush are happy to welcome French kitesurfer Victor Hays to their awesome team. He is a regular on kitesurfing scene for more than a decade and competes in pro freestyle competitions since 2013. Victor will compete and promote the brand alongside the other Airush riders like Bruna Kajiya, Alex Pastor, Bas Koole and others and will also be assisting in developing products.

Marc Schmid, Airush team manager is proud to have Victor aboard: “We love these types of riders… They are an asset to the brand in terms of developing the image of kiteboarding by not defining to one single discipline. It’s what makes us unique as kite enthusiasts and allows us experience so many feelings from waves, foil, wakestyle, etc. This is what Victor loves to do and we find it absolutely amazing to have someone like him onboard.”