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Amazing Crane Jump Performed by Danish Kiteboarding Champion

Danish kiteboarding champion Nick Jacobsen performed an amazing stunt in South Africa. What did he do, you ask? Jacobsen climbed to the top of a crane that was on top of a shipwreck located in Table View, Cape Town. At the top of the crane he put on his board, and then, you’ve guessed it, he jumped. He looped a few times and then landed safely. The crane was 10m or 32.8feet high.

But words are not enough to describe what Nick Jacobsen did – images would be better. Video footage of Nick Jacobsen’s crane jump would be better. You can view a video of the crane jump right here on Epikoo – just click here.

Jacobsen recounted that the hardest part about pulling off this trick was not jumping off the tip of the crane, or controlling the kite on the way down. The hardest thing, Jacobsen said, was climbing to the top of the crane. The unstable conditions, constantly having to make sure the kite did not get entangled in the metal crane, and hanging on to the board with one hand, all these elements made the climb quite difficult.