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Andy Yates Blasting in New Caledonia with the C4

After signing with Ozone earlier this year, Andy Yates, former PKRA champ and a legend of kiteboarding, seems to want to push the limits of the Ozone kites and of his skills to new dimensions.

Currently in New Caledonia for a shootout with the Ozone Zephyr before the upcoming worldwide release on March 1st, Andy took the time to test the strengths of the C4, one of the most versatile and efficient progressive new school and freeride kites today.

And he seems to love this kite. Take a look at Andy’s review of the C4 below and check out the little edit Ozone has put together for you in the related videos section.

Andy: “I am really liking the new C4. It's one of those things; you know the first moment you fly something if it's a winner. For me it was the first launch on the C4, and I knew right then and there that this kite is going to deliver. And from there it just got better and better, further exceeding my expectations.

It took virtually no time at all to get accustomed to the kite. This is unheard of in a kite. Everything is very intuitive and it's a real testament to the work Ozone does behind the scenes tuning and always developing their kites for the better.

It has unparalleled performance both hooked in and unhooked, as well as an extremely solid feel. I don't have to worry about the kite for I know where it is all the time; a very direct feel. On a side note, did I mention the Ozone kites look freaking amazing!?!? Visually appealing is an understatement; they look insanely good!

Looking forward to seeing where my riding progresses throughout the year. I've only been on the C4 for a few months and already it feels like I've been on it for years. I can't wait to see where the C4 can take me.”