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Andy Yates Facing the Storm

One of the most devastating storms of the decade ravaged the North East coast of Australia during the 10th and 20th of January. It was named Cyclone Oswald. After hitting hard the South East Queensland, it made its way down the coast, inflicting damage to everything in its path.

Andy Yates, one of the most experience kiteboarders ever and the 2010 World Champion, was ready to meet this terrible storm and challenge it. After all, Australia is his playground. After signing with Ozone and getting his hands on some of their gear, Andy was ready for it.

He packed the Catalyst and C4 kites and headed towards the water. Day 1 of his adventure was the windiest. Day 2 was not a walk in the park either. It was less windy, but with huge and chaotic seas over 6m and only a 6 second period. Andy challenged the wind and waves and conquered them in his unique style. Riding in such a storm is a huge challenge, but Andy proved he is a skilled and determined rider once again and managed to succeed.

Check out his incredible storm adventure in the related videos section below. Enjoy!