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Andy Yates Is Out for the Next Three Events, PKRA Announces

The PKRA (Professional Kiteboard Riders Association) announced today, the 18th of July 2011, that Slingshot-sponsored pro kiteboarder Andy Yates has suffered an injury and will not be able to take part in the next three events. Must be tough for the PKRA Freestyle World Champion of 2010 to not be able to compete.

But I digress. What sort of injury did Andy Yates suffer and where did it occur? Andy injured his shoulder at home, while training. More details on the injury are provided by Andy himself:

“The problem is that a piece of my shoulder bone (that I cracked when I was at the Young Blood Camp in 2007) has now completely separated, traveled down my arm, and is lodged in one of the main muscle groups in the upper arm, above a large bunch of nerves. This must have happened when I wrenched my arm doing a full on training session at the river mouth, because this is when I really felt the pain and knew straight away that I had done something serious.  Final outcome for me is that I need to have surgery on my shoulder to remove the piece of bone. The good news is that after surgery, the recovery time should be quite short; the surgeon predicts that my shoulder will soon be back to normal and that I will be able to return to full competition. I am really happy about this because I have been handicapped a little over the past three years with fairly frequent shoulder pain. I plan to have the operation in the next few weeks so unfortunately, I will not be able to compete in the Canary Islands, Germany and maybe Brazil. I am hoping that I will be back for New Caledonia and the Gold Coast in November/December.  In the meantime, I have upped my University subjects and I will continue promoting all my sponsors through the kiting media and social networks.”

If you would like to view a video of Andy Yates visiting the surgeon and talking about his shoulder injury, just click the thumbnail in the related videos section below.