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Andy Yates Talks Wide Stance vs. Narrow Stance

Andy Yates has always loved the ocean. When he turned 15, Andy got his hands on his first kite and soon kiteboarding became his second nature. He started practicing freestyle and felt totally in love with this great sport. He soon turned pro and started completing on the PKRA tour, alongside the legends of kiteboarding. His determination and talent won him the 2010 World Champion title.

Today, Andy is regarded as one of the icons of kiteboarding and his advices regarding the sport are extremely valuable. In the video below Andy shares his opinion on different board stance setups. He sheds light on the advantages and disadvantages of narrow stances vs. wide stances are.

Take a look at the clip and then try these different board stance setups to see which one suit you best. The clip is shot in Pallarenda, Townsville, QLD, Australia and Andy rides a Xenon Infra 139 and an Ozone C4.