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Anke Brandt Aims for New Kitesurfing World Record

Flysurfer elite rider Anke Brandt holds Guinness World Record holder for longest distance kitesurfed by a female (250km in 12 hours). She is also a regular on freestyle and long distance racing competitions podiums.

And now she aims to beat her own record. She will attempt a new long distance kitesurfing world record, in a epic journey from Bahrain to the UAE, on a 550km course.

This daring attempt is part of her charity effort to raise money for the Wings of Life charity organization, a foundation that fights to cure spinal cord injury.

The waiting period for Anke’s adventure is set between the 16th and 30th of March. You can support her charity efforts with donations, by following this link. You can also take a look at what her journey is all about in the clip below.