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Anke Brandt Sets New World Record

Elite rider Anke Brandt has set on a daring mission on the 17th of March: to kitesurf 550kms from Bahrain to Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The GET Kite Mission- Kitesurf Arabia was initiated with the aim to raise money for ‘Wings for Life’, a charity organization which is trying to make spinal cord injury curable through on-going research.

Well, the German kitesurfer and world-record holder rode 298kms from Bahrain to Doha, Qatar, breaking her previous World Record for longest distance kitesurfed by a woman (250kms). This ride took 17 hours. However, after this incredible 298kms course Anke had to stop due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Anke stated: “We tried to pick the perfect day but things can change, and this time the weather moved in too fast so we had to make the call to stop at Doha. […]There were many lessons we learnt and there was the likelihood that the first time wouldn’t work out because there are so many factors playing their part.”

But her amazing ride is still a success without doubt and her new record is now to be approved by Guinness World records through footage and photographic evidence.