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The Atlantic Kite Challenge – Highlights

Presented by HTC, The Atlantic Kite Challenge is the world's longest downwind adventure, a 24-hour non-stop relay session in which every kiteboarder will be sailing four hours a day, two by day, two by night.

Bruno Sroka, Filippo van Hellenberg Hubar, Camilla Ringvold, Mark Abma, Max Blom, and a sixth rider embarked on this daring journey. As Max Blom says, crossing the Atlantic Ocean by kite is what every kitesurfer dreams of, and this adventure was a test for their strength and endurance.

The six riders that had the dream to cross the Atlantic by kite departed from Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands and successfully reached the Turks and Caicos Islands on the 17th of December last year.

This amazing adventure was caught on tape, and we can take a look at the best moments of the crossing in the highlights clip available below. The footage was filmed with a HTC One.