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Axel Mazella and Alexia Fancelli Claim the 2019 Defi Kite Titles

The kiteboarding marathon attracted 400 riders and was blessed by powerful Tramontane winds that gusted up to 50 knots.

The last day of the 140-kilometer kiteboard racing event kicked off with some advice from Philippe Bru, the organizer.
"Today, we're going to war! If you have the slightest doubt about your gear or ability to defy these winds, then do not race. Go and check your equipment as soon as possible. Stay safe and be brave!"

Mazella was on top of his game. He won every single race and managed to keep his direct opponents at a safe distance.

"Nicolas Parlier, the kite foiling legend, wasn't here this year, but I hope I did enough to show him I mean business! This event has boosted my confidence for the rest of the season," stated Mazella.

The French secured his second Défi Kite title, while Alexia Fancelli claimed the women's overall trophy.

2019 Défi Kite Results:

1. Axel Mazella
2. Théo De Ramecourt
3. Théo Lhostis
4. Jean De Falbaire
5. Alexis Mounard

1. Alexia Fancelli
2. Anaïs Mai Desjardins
3. Poéma Newland
4. Elsa Bories
5. Ariane Imbert