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The Back Edge Starring Brazilian Champ Dioneia Vieira

Dioneia Vieira is not only great looking, but she is also one of the most determined and skilled female kitesurfers in the world. Kitesurfing is her true passion and she rides faster and harder each season. Back in 2012 she claimed the Brazilian Champ title and soon after she started to ride even more focused on competition.

This year her first challenge was the PKRA stop in Leucate, France. It was a tough challenge but she managed to perform great. Later, in June, Dioneia returned to Cumbuco, to prepare herself for the Brazilian tour, riding the new kites from Gin Kiteboarding and supported by the Cumbuco Kite Club.

Dioneia proved that she is a true champ once again, by winning the first and second stop of Brazilian tour and becoming the Brazilian Champion once again. She put together a short video to celebrate her accomplishment and you can check it out in the related videos section below. It is brought to you by TheBank and it is shot at the beginning of September.