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Blader Valve Detaching Safety Notice from Ozone

Kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Ozone has recently uncovered that there is a problem with some of its 2011 inflatable kites. Consequently Ozone issued a safety notice to all its customers. It seems that there is a manufacturing defect on an early batch of Ozone 2011 water-kite leading edge bladders. There have been reports of the valves detaching from the bladder – that causes the kite to instantly deflate.

To find out if your Ozone inflatable kite is affected by this issue, you first need to get the serial number off the kite’s leading edge. This PDF explains how to do that. Once you have the serial number, go to Ozone’s site here and input your serial number to check if your kite is affected. If the kite is affected, contact the dealer you purchased your kite from. Ozone will replace the bladed of all affected kites.

“Ozone is committed to safety hence our decision to announce this safety notice due to a small percentage of defective valves. Ozone wants all customers to be able to enjoy our products and would therefore like to apologise for any inconvenience,” said Ozone.