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Bruno Sroka crosses the Cape Horn

At the age of 31 (and keep in mind that he has been kiteboarding for 9 years now) Bruno Sroka is already at position 36 in the 2008 rankings. In 2007 he won the title of Speed Crossing Champion of France, Speed Crossing Champion of Europe, and Speed Crossing Champion of the World.

Bruno Sroka continues to amaze us with his latest feat of kiteboarding mastery: he managed to cross the Cape Horn. He did this using the new Takoon Nova 3. He traveled a distance of 30 nautical miles (about 56km) from the symbolic line of Cape Horn. Achieving such a feat would not have been possible without years of rigorous training, mental preparation, and this kiteboarder’s desire to push his own limits.

Bruno Sroka is not content with making kiteboarding history; he is currently planning to ride over 1000kms on the Antarctic Peninsula.