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Bruno Sroka’s France to Ireland Crossing

There are some of us that dream their lives and some that live their dreams. 3 times winner of the World Cup and 3 times European Champion in course racing Bruno Sroka is one of the men that dear live their dreams.

The French ocean athlete is one of the most daring kiteboarders today and has set on many successful adventures across the globe in his career. On the July 19 2013 Bruno left from France, Aber Wrac’h and kitesurfed through English Channel and Celtic Sea. He arrived to Crosshaven bay, Ireland. This was his latest adventure. He set the new World record by kitesurfing from France to Ireland.

It was an open sea kitesurf crossing that lasted 16 hours and 40 mins on a course 250 nautical miles. This was the first crossing of three year crossing series with a grand New-York/Brest kitesurf crossing in 2015.

Bruno Sroka’s entire adventure was documented and you can check out the highlights in the clip available in the related videos section below.