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Bruno Sroka's Latest Movie Is Out

Bruno Sroka, pro rider, multiple champion, and one of the most experienced kiteboarders in the world, announced on Thursday, the 16th of February, that his latest movie has been released and is available online for your viewing pleasure. The name of the movie is, drum rolls please, The Difference. You can view it right here on Epikoo; all you have to do is click the image in the related videos section at the bottom.

Before you go see The Difference, here are a few words about what you’re going to experience. Most of the footage was shot in Maui, Hawaii and Brittany, France. There’s action, waves, kitesurfing, SUP, kite racing, and even kitesurfing Jaws – and the spectacular images are accompanied by excellent music.

As to the name, if you were wondering why the movies is called The Difference, here’s Bruno’s explanation:
“The Difference video name is perfectly associated with images that will not let you be bored as well as punchy music. It is very unique, it is very different.”

So click the image below and enjoy Bruno’s latest movie!