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Buell and Sullivan Are Best Bros

Sean Buell and Bret Sullivan and two of the most determined kiteboarders today and proud members of the Best family. Both of them hail from Florida and love this place. It represents the perfect playground for them. And both of them share the same burning passion for freestyle.

They are active players on the pro kiteboarding scene and compete in the Collegiate Kiteboarding Association Series. The Collegiate Kiteboarding Association was founded back in 2003 by Matthew Sexton with the purpose to bring college kiteboarding clubs together to compete in a safe and structured way.

Today, the events hosted by the CKA involve a dedicated group of riders that compete against various schools across the country. Sean Buell and Bret Sullivan help represent Florida Atlantic University and they do it with style. They train hard and compete harder.

You can check the two of them in action, as they ride their local spots along the coast of south Florida in the related videos section below. Enjoy!