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Cabrinha's Remi Meum Wins Red Bull Ragnarok 2012

Each year the best riders in the world gather in Norway to take part in the grueling snowkite endurance race Red Bull Ragnarok. This year, for the 2012 Red Bull Ragnarok, some 200 riders from all over the world showed up to prove that they have what it takes to survive the race.

Out of all the 200 riders who took part in the competition, the one rider who won in the snowboard division is none other than Remi Meum, who is sponsored by Cabrinha. “I am stoked to take 1st place at Red Bull Ragnarok this weekend. Thanks to the awesome Cabrinha Switchblade 12 and a 180cm LibTech SkunkApe was it possible to beat to 100 other snowboarders in the race!” said Remi. 

Here is the complete list of results for the 2012 Red Bull Ragnarok:

Red Bull Ragnarok 2012 – Men Snowboard
1. Remi Meum, NOR
2. Christian Juell, NOR
3. Marius Coucheron, NOR

Red Bull Ragnarok 2012 – Men Ski
1. Bjørn Kaupang, NOR
2. Alexandr Palekhin, RUS
3. Nils Arne Rø, NOR

Red Bull Ragnarok 2012 – Women Mixed
1. Malin Rapp, SWE
2. Mila Polyakova, RUS
3. Ingeborg Ims Winther, NOR

Back in 2011 the conditions during the Red Bull Ragnarok competition were quite challenging. Between first and second place there was a gap of 30 minutes. This year the conditions were a lot better. Thanks to steady wind (15 to 20 knots from the east) and plenty of snow, the gap between first and second place was just a minute. In such conditions, the Norwegian riders had no problems completing the 8.5KM course, even if they had to do it five times. It is a difficult task to go over an 8.5KM course five times, but then that’s the whole point of the competition. What’s impressive isn’t that the riders made it, but that they made it in less than 2 hours.

As I mentioned above, 200 riders took part in the 2012 Red Bull Ragnarok. It must be added that some 400 registered for the event, which is proof that interest in the competition is growing. Bruna Kajiya, Ruben Lenten and Reno Romeu are among the riders who took part in the 2012 Red Bull Ragnarok, but as you can see from the list of results above, they did not make the podium.

A video presentation of Red Bull Ragnarok 2012 is available on Red Bull’s official site here.