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Call Out for the UK Kitesurfing Industry Awards

The first edition of the UK Kitesurfing Industry Awards will be hosted at the Armada, at 7pm on Friday night. The event is presented in collaboration with The Kite Show, IKSURFMAG and the VKSA.

After recruiting a specially selected panel (that features World Champions and more), their votes will be combined with a public vote where appropriate, and awards will be given to:

Best Kitesurfing Club
Best Kitesurfing Shop
Best Kitesurfing School
Best Event
Best Brand Representative
Overseas Ambassador Award
Outstanding Contribution to Kitesurfing

2009 & 2014 British Freestyle Champion and international superstar Sam Light gives a call out to all passionate UK kitesurfers to vote for their favorite UK events of 2014 / 15 and the best UK kitesurfing club.