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CAMRIG Presents Stoked

CAMRIG is one of the premium point of view consumer products manufacturers, distributors and retailers within action sports industry. With the CAMRIG camera mount accessories, anyone can capture amazing pictures and footage by placing the camera on the kite lines or struts, on the board, fins on anywhere else.

And if you doubt the efficiency of the CAMRIG accessories, we invite you to take a look at the Stoked clip featured below and brought to you by the CAMRIG team. The clip is shot exclusively with the use of three types of Camrig camera mounts, a strut mount, line mount and fin mount. And it features some great riders like Luke McGillewie, Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow, Ruben Lenten and Lewis Crathern.

The video is really cool, but remember that anyone can capture such stunning action on the camera with the CAMRIG camera mount accessories.