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Catching Up with Andy Yates

Born on the beautiful Australian Sunshine Coast, Andy Yates became a surfer at the age of 7. Talking about his early surfing days, he says: “My favorite place to surf was out the front of my house on an open beach break where there were groups of kiteboarders who frequently did down winders past me. The sport of kiteboarding always intrigued me solely because the thought of controlling a kite to power you on a board seemed so revolutionary. I watched the kiters very intently as they passed. I wanted to do what they did.”

When he turned 15, Andy got his hands on his first kite and soon kiteboarding took over his surfing. He started practicing freestyle and felt totally in love with this great sport. He soon turned pro and started completing on the PKRA tour, alongside the legends of kiteboarding. His determination and talent won him the 2010 World Champion title.

Andy is now training hard and is ready to push his skills to a new level. If you want to see what Andy Yates has been doing recently and what his future plans are, you can catch up with him in the clip below.