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A Change of Pace Starring Andy Yates

A Change of Pace is the fourth episode in Andy Yate’s Ozone Summer Series, series that follows the rider’s adventures on Australian realms during the hot Australian summer. Andy Yates needs no introduction. We all know that he is a true champ, dedicated to the sport of kiteboarding and always in search of new challenges.

Although nothing beats a session at his local spot, Caloundra Rivermouth, Andy sometimes finds himself dreaming about riding in remote places, places that have never been kited before. But finding such a place is no easy task, since kiteboarders often travel all over the world. However, Andy managed to to find such a place on the remote coastline of Fraser Island.

And he was thrilled to have the opportunity to ride there: “Accessibly only by many hours of intense 4x4 or, as was the case for us, a private flight in a single engine Cessna 182, the remote coastline of Fraser Island is unlike anything you've ever seen. It’s difficult accessibly essentially renders it unreachable for the vast majority of all Australians, which is a wonderful change-up from what I'm used to. Instead, you're mainly surrounded by an ecosystem that is completely unchanged, without any visible signs of human intervention. No footprints, no buildings, no anything pretty much apart from natural coastline and the occasional inquisitive Dingo.

This video isn't about the best tricks I can do behind a kite; no, it's about going against the grain and finding your own place to do what you love.”