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Chasing the Stoke

Can’t beat a session at the local with your kite buddies! Roepstep is back with another vlog full of boosting, kite loops, and helping friends stick some tricks.

A quick word from the guys: “Last weekend we had an awesome kite session on our favorite local spot. The easterly wind was blowing around 26 – 30Kts. Because of this wind direction, there was not much water even at high tide! No problem for us! we walked a little bit and in the end, we reached the sea! In this episode, I decided to go in the water for filming and give Timo a little bit of feedback. He did some nice boosting jumps on his Slingshot Raptor. Kitebuddy Ruben was also at the spot and showed some of his sickest kite-loops. Check also Piet Hein who was looping overhead of me while I was filming, sick!”