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Check Out Flysurfer's Upgrade Offer

Kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Flysurfer has recently announced that come June, it will release the new Unity kite which will be produced together with the Infinity 2.0 control bar. Come autumn, the Speed3 kite will also be produced with the Infinity 2.0 control bar.

That’s not the news; the news is that Flysurfer is offering riders who recently purchased the Speed3 or Psycho4 as well as riders who are thinking about buying the Speed3 or Psycho4 the chance to upgrade their control bar to Infinity 2.0. All riders who purchased a Speed3 or Psycho 4 between April 1st 2011 until the until the release date of the new Infinity 2.0 Control Bar with the Speed3, will get the chance to upgrade their control bar for €199 (flying lines not included).

“In order to work out this offer in autumn, our Flysurfer service team then needs the serial number of your kite and a copy of the original invoice. Additionally you can keep your old bar; there is no need to give it back to Flysurfer. The exact date when the upgrade starts will be announced in the next few months,” explained Flysurfer.

If you would like to learn more about the Infinity 2.0 control bar, click here.