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Chris Tronolone Presents an Early Kitesurfing Movie

Chris Tronolone is one of the pioneers of kiteboarding. He is one of the guys that helped pin this sport onto the map of water sports. He is one of the heroes hiding out behind the lens, who transforms action in images and sounds, so everyone can see what the sport is all about.

Led by Chris Tronolone, the kiteboarding movies made by Tronolone Productions have been instrumental in inspiring people to learn to kiteboard and in promoting kiteboarding across the world. And Chris has been there since the early days of kiteboarding.

Chris Tronolone and his crew at Trononlone Productions have been there every step of the way, since the early 2000. He captured on tape the early days of the sport, when Lou Wainman and Elliot Leboe were riding two line kites and jumped sky high. And as kiteboarding evolved and new styles emerged, Chris was always there with his camera.

If you want to take a ride down memory lane and want to take a glimpse at the early days of kitesurfing, check out the HIGH - An early Chris Tronolone kitesurfing movie below. You will see what the sport has gained and lost along the way. The movie was initially released on VHS.