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Core Presents the Riot XR3 Kite – The Crossride Machine

The new Riot XR3 is the updated version of the highly successful XR2 kite, one of the most versatile all-style kites of its time. The Riot XR3 is the considered further development of its previous versions and it’s packed with features that make it an incredible crossride machine.

It provides superior hangtime, power and agility, plus superb comfort and enhanced safety. And it can accommodate any rider, regardless of style. It is entirely up to you if you want to use it for wave, freestyle, freeride or race. It’s also available in LW version.

Here are a few features of this amazing machine:

- Crisp pressure built with CoreTex fabric
- Dynamic turning ability plus direct feedback provided by the Short Bridle System
- Instant auto relaunch thanks to the Delta design
- Linear power on demand
- Massive depower
- Intelligent Arc which generates massive jumps and perfect upwind drives
- Improved Speed Pump System with the new Speed Valve 2

You can check the new Core Riot XR3 kite in action in the promo below. It’s really impressive what this kite can do.