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This Could Be One the Heaviest Kitesurfing Wipeouts Ever

Pe'ahi aka Jaws is one of the most spectacular, yet dangerous surf breaks on Earth. It attracts many watersports daredevils with its huge waves each season. Of course that only the most radical and skilled riders venture out there.

Hawaiian-Italian waterman Niccolo Porcella is one of them. He is a true extreme sports enthusiast, skilled in surfing, kitesurfing, cliff diving, base jumping and wingsuit flying. Niccolo charged Jaws into one of his extreme kitesurfing sessions, when a huge wave forced him to eject. Almost suddenly, the immense wall of water engulfed him into a massive wipeout.

Fortunately, Niccolo was not severely injured and will continue his watersports adventures. A quick word about the incident from the daredevil: “It was one of the craziest things I've ever seen! I should have released the kite and pulled in. The kite lines were already getting caught in the waves and pulled the kite down […] I thought at that point: 'send it and maybe make it over! Otherwise, I'm going to pull in and get lipped anyway.”

You can check out the moment of the incredible wipeout in the clip below.