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Duotone Intros the New Academy App

It’s time to ‘Redefine Your Limits’ – The new Duotone Academy App will take you to that next level! With over 150 kiteboarding videos featuring all the core techniques and tricks for beginners to experts and personal advice from the Duotone pro team.

When you first start kiteboarding or trying out a new trick, there are struggles that often make further progession seem impossible at times, and usually, it is just not having the right tip at the right time!

It is challenging to provide a general guideline for the learner. Christopher Zarffel (filmmaker of the DTK Academy App) said, “With my growing passion for kitesurfing it was just a logical step to think about a kitesurfing academy. I talked to Tommy Kaiser (Head of Marketing, Duotone Kiteboarding) about the idea in 2013 and it took us two years to get the project started: the first 40 videos were a great success!”

The Duotone marketing team decided to go one step further – “we took our existing Academy and turned it into THE Duotone Kiteboarding Academy with an additional app” added Patrick Dudeck (International Marketing Manager, Duotone Kiteboarding).

The difficulty was not only in the variety of disciplines and skill levels but also the variety of kitesurfing teaching techniques around the world and the different opinions about the right technique within the team. “So we had lots of discussions (yes, and sometimes they felt endless). But in the end, I think this is what makes this project special.”
A team of experts created the app – most of those experts leading in their discipline; the 3 world champions: Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopez, Aaron Hadlow and Jeremie Tronet, a former professional kitesurfer with a lot of teaching experience and knowledge in filming and photography.