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Eleveight Intros the 2021 FS

Another impressive kite from Eleveights 2021 line up; their flagship kite, the FS, is known for its radical boosting and explosive big air characteristics.

Version 4 enhances those qualities as it introduces some progressive changes. Most noticeably, they reworked the canopy curve to improve the load distribution. This modification results in more raw power, especially when sheeted in or during air-time.

The new trailing edge, featuring anti-vibration patches and reworked load diffusers, eliminates flutter to extend longevity. It is incredibly light; hence the FS is more agile than ever before. To complement this effect, they redefined the alignment of the strut tips to reduce drag. Lastly, we shifted the bridles closer to the wingtips for the most direct bar feedback.

The FS is the most radical freestyle and big air beast Eleveight have ever built.