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The Endless Search Contest – Enter to Win

The guys at SBC Kiteboard and Mobe Kitewear have some free swag to give away. They are hosting the “Endless Search Contest”, a free giveaway contest dedicated to all kiteboarding fans. This is your chance to win some cool hats, shirts and other gear. And remember that free gear is always good gear.

MOBE represents the lifestyle of the Endless Search. The guys there design clothing with the same passion and love that they have for the sport of kitesurfing. And they state it really proud: “The endless search and pursuit of that perfect day, where when you come off the water every problem in your life is gone and all you have is the feeling of being totally stoked by the session. This feeling is what MOBE KITEWEAR represents. MOBE was created for all of us who share this feeling!”

To enter the Endless Search Contest, just follow this link and become a Facebook Fan of SBC Kiteboard. It’s that simple.