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F-One Intros the Bullit

Discover the BULLIT, the latest weapon to send it and win megaloop competitions.

Adrenaline junkies, the BULLIT will give you what you need and open the Big Air’s world doors.
The BULLIT’s main focus is on strong winds.

A quick word from the guys at F-One: “Together with Robert Graham, our designer, we were excited to create a megaloop kite. It’s exciting to imagine the specifications and understand the needs of a rider like Liam Whaley who wants to win the KOTA. We designed the BULLIT, not only to be on the podiums, but also to offer Big Air sensations to the largest number of riders.

We didn’t start from a blank page because the BULLIT is the result of our BANDIT’s experience. We were able to free ourselves from the constraint of the low wind range for a BULLIT that requires quite some power. We have therefore been able to work on new profiles, an outline with a higher aspect ratio that performs incredibly well in strong winds, ultra-stable with wider and squarer wings.”