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F-ONE Intros the Long Distance Gun

The guys at F-One are proud to present a new long distance, race and downwind directional kiteboard dedicated to the true rider. It is called the Long Distance Gun and the conception of this gun started in 2005.

The board is shaped to achieve high speeds and hold its line in tough conditions. The board planes on its central section located between the feet featuring a locally straight rocker for speed and accelerations with a massive concave to eat the chop. The tail is slightly lifted to ease the ride in the most difficult sea states while the pronounced forward scoop helps with control and avoiding digging the nose.

A lower volume at the back also helps with high speed control. The board is fitted with a set of tri-fins shaped for high speed. It comes in a 6’7’’ x 17’’ size and packs 26L. It features a full bamboo construction which makes it light and durable.