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F-One Intros the New WTF

The F-ONE WTF!? is a 5 struts C kite designed to excel in freestyle kiteboarding. The C-Shape itself has always been the best option for making an easy to control and dynamic kite. To maximize the handling during intense moments such as building up speed to go into popped unhooked tricks and kiteloops. 

The five strut design which keeps the profile exceedingly steady and gives riders great confidence in the kite at all times. We decided to add a 5th line to help with control, optimize the power and enable them to relaunch the kite quickly with minimal effort.

Each size of the WTF has been individually designed to match the conditions they are aimed at. The larger sizes have been developed to deliver more power and get you planing early. The smaller sizes are built with a high top end wind range in mind. This means whichever size you choose; you know everything has been done to get the most out of the given conditions on the day.